At the National Conference in 2011, it was voted by a majority to support the formation of a Charitable Trust for the purpose of forming a formal national organisation, which would work to promote the interests of the regional support groups and of bariatric surgery patients at all stages in general.The trustees for the Weightloss Surgery New Zealand Trust are delighted to announce that the process of certification is now complete, and we are officially a bona fide charitable trust. A word of introduction might be handy at this point also, to your friendly WLSNZ trustees and their areas of interest:

Alan GoddardChairperson, Support Group Liaison and Website ManagerFeilding[email protected]
Margaret MartinGeneral SupportCarterton [email protected]
Namrata GulaniSupport Group LiaisonAuckalnd
Susannah RedstoneMarketing and General SupportAuckland[email protected]
Wiremu BaylissSupport Group LiaisonWellington
Jo Phipps
Support Group LiaisonPalmerston North[email protected]
Ronnie TawhaiSupport Group LiaisonAuckland
[email protected]
Registrations[email protected]