Chairperson – Alan Goddard

Personal status.
re-sized me in canopy

Alan G Aug 2008I am 58 years old, married to Ann for 39 years next January. Two adult sons, John 30 truckdriver and David 28 Internet web site development and IT business one.

Weight loss. Prof Richard Stubbs gave me a Fobi in Nov 2009 and now nearly 5 years later and 80+ kgs lighter here I am. Highest weight was 160+ kgs. Operation day weight 156.3kg. as of today 28/09/14 I am 74kg and am happy with that.


Community involvement.

I first was introduced to helping the community by being asked to join a Service Club. I was voted onto the Board of that club for a few years, eventually becoming the President for two terms. During this time my club and I assisted in establishing a club in Horophenua and receiving international recognition for my efforts.

From there I moved onto becoming a Worker for Victim Support, going to help people who were victims of crime, accident and trauma. I was asked to become the groups Chairperson, a position I have held for 20+ years now. A few years ago I was asked if I was interested in becoming a Justice of the Peace (JP). I was approved, passed the initial training and was sworn in 10 years ago. I have since studied for and passed the Open Polytechnic course to become a Judicial JP, sitting on the bench in court for the last 8 years. I am currently in my fifth term of being a member of the Central Districts JP Association Council.

Parts of my current portfolio of duties include the continuing education of my fellow JP’s as well as a couple of other committees, including producing the Associations Newsletter.

Education. After leaving school with the English equivalent of School C in Maths, English lang and lit, Physics and Tech Drawing I started work as an apprentice Painter/Decorator. I passed the advanced City and Guilds in that trade. I have since passed the NZ Diploma in Business Studies. I am a Director of two companies, both IT based. Work experience includes office administration, project management and multi million dollar budget management.

WLS Trust Vision.

Those amongst the WLS Community who know of me will know I am quite vocal about getting the WLS word out there. My vision is to make WLS more mainstream and accepted amongst the wider community as a normal procedure, not something some see as an easy way out for those who need to loose weight.